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Client Experience

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Client Experience

Path To Prosperity Awaits

Once you’ve made the decision to engage Radford Taylor Partners as a trusted fiduciary for your and your family’s wealth, you can rest assured that your membership of the exclusive collective of clients we care for will yield benefits from the very start. We aim to build client/adviser relationships that endure and bear fruit from the moment we assume our role.

Getting To Know You

We devote considerable time to getting to know your financial situation intimately because this is the only way that we can feel confident making important recommendations that will affect your financial future. We ask probing questions and we ask that you be as open and transparent with us as we pledge to be with you since it is only by establishing trust at the outset that we can build a winning partnership. We’ll ask you about your other professional advisers, about any real estate you and/or your family owns, business holdings, liabilities and assets, retirement savings accounts and much more.

Laying The Foundations

Once we’ve gathered as much information about your financial make up as possible, we’ll begin assessing your attitude to and tolerance for investment risk. The outcome of this evaluation will give us the basis for selecting the assets we’ll use to build your bespoke investment portfolio and to plan how we will help you to achieve your financial objectives.

You should have the following to aid the assessment

  Real estate particulars including deeds.
  Documentation pertaining to business ownership (if applicable).
  Details of mortgages/secured loans, liabilities.
  Retirement account information including 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts.
  Details of existing stock/bond holdings.
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Joining the Radford Taylor Partners family as an esteemed client couldn't be simpler. Our dedicated professionals are on hand to discuss your situation with no obligation whatsoever. If you like what you hear, you can download and complete the relevant forms and take the first step towards reaching your wealth objectives.

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