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Discretionary Management

Providing Profitable Investment Oversight

Constantly monitoring a portfolio is not for the inexperienced or the easily shaken. Our discretionary investment management service gives you the freedom to live your life while handing over the day-to-day profitable operation of your portfolio to our dedicated portfolio management team.

Radford Taylor Partners has a strong tradition of market-beating performance driven by our primary mission; building and preserving wealth for you over the long term. Our professionals will continually oversee your investment portfolio and execute transactions on your behalf but they will always respect the guidelines agreed to during our initial consultations. This means they will never deal in assets that are outside the scope of your risk tolerances.

Keeping Your Portfolio On Track

Our discretionary management service ensures that your portfolio remains on target to achieve your expectations of return within or ahead of the designated time horizon. Our professionals will review the strategic asset allocation regularly to ensure that profits are locked in safely while losses are minimized.

Our Research, Your Advantage

Growth assets feature higher returns than their defensive counterparts over the long term but with that comes more risk or greater volatility. The main assets in this class are equities or "stocks".

The investor who feels more comfortable or at ease with the higher level of risk could be rewarded with substantially higher returns over the long term although he or she may need to factor in a longer time horizon in the event of any correction in stock values so that the market has sufficient time to recover.

With Radford Taylor Partners, your portfolio not only benefits from our immense knowledge and experience of the global financial markets but it also derives immeasurable advantages from the close involvement of one of the industry's most adept research teams.

Additional benefits from entrusting our discretionary management service with the running of your portfolio include:

  Focused: Your investment professional will know your financial situation intimately. He or she will discuss your tolerance for risk and identify your goals with a view to delivering the service in the way you want it.
  Reliable: Many of our investment professionals have been with us since our inception so it is highly likely that the investment manager you meet or consult with initially will be the same person long into the future.
  Independent: We pride ourselves on our impartiality. We don't sell or offer our own products or funds and we receive no commissions or incentives from companies or funds to recommend their stocks or products over those of others.
  Cost-effective: For the caliber of service we offer, we believe our pricing his highly competitive.
  Transparency: Opacity is the enemy of trust so we make every effort to ensure that we appear as open and accountable for every step we take on your behalf.

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