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Unique Goals, Unique Solutions

Unlike our wealth management services, Radford Taylor Partners investment management services oversee only the deployment of capital into financial instruments like stocks, bonds and alternative assets like commodities and exchange-traded funds.

We recognize that every client's financial situation and investment objectives will be unique so it never occurs to us to offer anything but tailored, personalized solutions to ensure their needs are met.

Our investment philosophy is largely conservative; we eschew high-risk assets like junk bonds in favor of time-honored securities like blue chip equities, mid-capitalized utilities stocks and investment-grade fixed income instruments like corporate bonds.

Choose Your Level of Involvement

In order to mitigate risk further, we use strategic asset allocation to ensure that capital is spread across a variety of asset classes ensuring that should one class experience a downturn, the likely corresponding uptick in one or more of the others should help to reduce or even cancel out any losses.

Radford Taylor Partners offers clients two ways to avail themselves of our expertise. Those without the time or the ability to profitably administer an investment portfolio can choose our discretionary management service where they hand over responsibility for the everyday running of their investments to the portfolio management team assured that all decisions are made in line with pre-arranged guidelines.

Alternatively, those with some investment know-how can choose our non-discretionary service whereby they elect to retain the final call on what is bought and sold and when by having our portfolio managers establish contact with them for authorization prior to an acquisition or disposal.

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