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Investment Philosophy

Conservative Approach

We're extremely proud of our conservative investment philosophy. We succeed by delivering a premium quality, medium and long-term investment solutions for our clients while using time-honored and dependable strategies and vehicles.

This doesn't mean that we are over-rigid or inflexible in terms of what we will consider for investment – it simply means that we avoid that which we don't understand or that which is characterized by excessive volatility or unchecked speculation.

Income & Wealth Preservation

Our fixed income strategy centers on investing mainly in short to medium-dated sovereign bonds and long-dated blue-chip corporate debt. We set great store by retaining an emphasis on diversification and minimizing the prospect of interest rate risk.

We believe this methodology provides the best balance of competitive, tax-efficient income and the provision of a highly liquid, safe asset with which to preserve the purchasing power of client capital.

Objectivity Is Key

Our equity strategies utilize a similar philosophy to those of our fixed income methodologies. We aim to secure returns on both a total return and a dividend income basis. We seek to identify under-rated or unappreciated stocks in companies that are operating in industries or business sectors that investors at large aren't enamored with.

This, of course, is hardly a ground-breaking approach since most investment managers utilize the same method but we distinguish ourselves by virtue of our ability to take a dispassionate view.

This objectivity and a clear refusal to follow the market's herd mentality places the emphasis on stocks that not only possess compelling valuations and market growth potential but, often, also generate dividend income. We source our stocks from a number of different equity markets around the world ensuring that portfolios are diversified not only by asset class but also by geo-location.

Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Solutions

Wealth Management

Wealth management is the practice of tending to all aspects of a client's financial make up. These aspects include investment management (stocks, bonds, mutual fund investment etc), retirement income planning, legacy/estate planning, charitable giving, inheritance planning and a family office.

Wealth Management
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