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Legacy and trust planning should take several issues into consideration; obviously, you and your family but also your financial status, your health and your wishes and goals for the future should it arrive without you.

At the bare minimum, everybody should possess a Will (in the event of death) and an arrangement for granting Powers of Attorney for medical care and finances (in the event of incapacity). Many individuals will derive additional benefit from trust planning.

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Legacy & Trsut The Basics

The Basics

For many individuals, estate or legacy planning is undertaken to make sure that they have a last will and testament in place. Essentially, this stipulates how your assets will pass or be distributed upon your death.

If you die without a will being in place – eg “intestate” – in most jurisdictions, your assets will pass on to your spouse or children or even your parents in the event that you are not married.

Most people would find this an undesirable outcome if only for the disagreements and feuding it could cause among surviving family members so they have a will drawn up.

How We Help

Radford Taylor Partners legacy planning experts can provide pertinent expertise in the following:

  Arrange medical care proxies, living wills and enduring powers of attorney.
  Draw up last wills and testaments and revocable trusts.
  Draft gifting and inheritance tax deductible projections.
  Ensure beneficiaries on life insurance policies and retirement accounts are incorporated into estate plans to reduce income and capital that can be taxed.
  Ensure that posthumous charitable giving continues.
Legacy & Trust How We Help

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