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Take A More Active Role

Some clients prefer a more consultative, collaborative approach to the business of investing and our non-discretionary service caters specifically for these individuals. Following the same transparency and benefitting from the same high caliber of research and analysis as the discretionary service, this offering ensures that those wanting to take a more active role in the administration and day-to-day running of their portfolio can do so.

Giving You Complete Control

With the non-discretionary service, you will always be consulted and informed about all investment decisions and your authorization will be required before any transactions can be executed on your holdings. This gives you complete control over what goes on in your portfolio although, in the event our portfolio managers are unable to establish contact with you to obtain your consent to buy or sell a security, the opportunity may expire and this is a risk you must be cognizant of.

The benefits of the non-discretionary service include:

  Full Transparency: With the non-discretionary service, our Portfolio Managers will consult at length with you about the rationale behind recommendations or opportunities they identify and how they may affect the strategic asset allocation properties of your portfolio (if at all). They must obtain your consent before conducting the transaction.
  Objective Investment Decisions: Our professionals rely on discipline and a dispassionate approach towards making investment decisions. Our strategies are not prone to the effects of wild swings in sentiment that might color investment decisions made by our competitors and, again, each time, you will always be consulted before any action is taken.
  Expertise: The non-discretionary service gives you clear and unrestricted access to our proprietary research operation and their deep analysis.
  Knowledge Transfer: The service's collaborative approach furnishes you with the opportunity to gain insight into the intricacies of the investment decisions behind the market-beating returns generated by a leading investment manager.
  Convenience: We provide you with regular, detailed transaction statements and portfolio valuations enabling you to stay firmly on top of how your holdings are performing together with frequent reviews.

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